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More About the Excellent Masonry Repair Services We Offer

masonry repairAll structures built from individual blocks or stones bound together by mortar are masonry works. Bricks, blocks, stone, and cob are some of the most common materials used by our specialists in Naperville, IL. Even though masonry is a durable form of construction, its overall durability can be significantly affected by several things. On this page, we will explain you more about our work and share more about our masonry repair services.

As we mentioned above, masonry structures’ durability can be affected by the nature of the materials used, the quality of the mortar, the bond-pattern in which the units are built, the quality of work, and the location and exposure of the building. Danmar Construction of Naperville is a company that offers excellent services that will help you keep your building look great for a longer time.

Our team comprises of both installers and repairmen. The ones that specialize in masonry repair can handle all aspects of it. They use tried and tested products in combination with modern techniques to improve their performance and extend the life of the constructions. They can handle all sorts of problems and solve them in a timely manner.

We perform jobs such as stitching cracked walls, retrofitting masonry reinforcement, reconnecting parting walls with straps, ties, and pins, filling and sealing cracks in walls, fixing defective mortar joints, applying coatings, facade cleaning, brick tinting, patching eroded brick, repairing stonework, and much more.

Equipped with the best technology, tools, and products available, we complete projects of different scopes and sizes. Regardless of the type of masonry repair service in Naperville, IL you are looking for, dial (630) 233-9264 to contact Danmar Construction of Naperville and speak with one of the finest masons around. We will be more than happy to listen to your ideas and concerns and come up with the perfect solution for you!


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