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Even though people are free to believe what they want, all beliefs should be based on something that has been seen and not just heard. For many people, masonry is something that doesn’t take much thinking and planning.

Some Masonry Myths and Facts

Residential Stone MasonryLet’s see what residential stone masonry myths people do believe:

  • Masonry is often accepted as a cladding material that can’t support an entire building. This is definitely not true. Masonry is not plastering. The brick, stone, and concrete blocks’ durability are incomparable to the rest construction materials. They are used as the main material for commercial buildings, homes, bridges, as well as many other smaller outdoor structures. This is a building material that can endure even the most severe weather conditions.

  • You can’t find really trustworthy and knowledgeable masons today. Another misbelief. Nowadays, you can find a residential masonry contractor who can handle any job, regardless of its type or scope.

  • Masonry construction is slow. This is another myth that many people believe. When the process of laying bricks or blocks is performed by trained and experienced masons, it actually goes pretty fast. Although they use simple tools and products, the process of installation can go quite swiftly as long as enough people are working on the project. A medium-sized structure can be built with a day.

  • Brick is a poor-quality insulator. Wrong again. Burnt in a kiln at an extremely high temperature, bricks become highly durable and impact resistant. This is a thermally efficient option. It acts like a soundproof and waterproof barrier against the outer noise and elements.


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